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„ROYAL MAIL SPORT FUNDATION“ from Great Britain has donation to our Handball team RK “ RADNICKI“ Jasa Tomic, SERBIA 15 tracksuits.
Handball team and Tibor Herhe who has been mediator for the Royal Mail sponsorship has sucesfully nagotiated 15 trucksuits for our club.
Managment and tha players of RK „RADNICKI“ Jasa Tomic are very greatfull to Royal Mail Sport Fundation for this great donation.

The Royal Mail Sports Foundation was born in April 2002 as the ‘son of’ Post Office Recreation. Its aim is to ensure that we provide more money, for more people, for more sports in all our Royal Mail Group plc businesses. It is recognised that The Post Office, Royal Mail has a history and tradition of providing employees with a platform for sport and recreation. It is very proud of this history and has been reliant on the previous and current involvement of employees who dedicate their time to organising and participating in both individual and team sports.
The Sports Foundation wants to continue to provide support to our employees for their sporting activities and to continue to reward and recognise them for the dedication, commitment and passion which sport creates and which, Royal Mail, believes can contribute to the motivation, individual and team morale created in many offices and teams.Budget is roughly £420 000 and approximately 1000 teams are benefiting per year teams are chosen randomly.
They also supply a large range of equipment for most sports. However for more unique sports were they cannot supply what the applicant wants they can grant a cheque payment made payable to another supplier.

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